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Sisters Lucy and Michele are the brains (and legs!) behind L&M Company. Lucy and Michele are raising their children together in the same Richmond, VA neighborhood and have always been a constant in each other’s lives. Deciding to go into business together was a no brainer for them! Plus, their professional skills are a perfect match. Michele is the math/MBA/spreadsheet guru and Lucy is the bigger picture/therapist/people person.

Lucy and Michele design and refine each must-have style, guided by the feedback from the real-life women who wear them.

Here’s what makes our products stand out:

  • Distinctive details: Our designs boast an ultra-high waist and smooth fit down the leg to create a flattering silhouette. We carry a wide range of sizes from XS to XXL. You’ll feel like these were made just for you.
  • Versatility: We want getting dressed to be easy. L&M moves with you throughout your day, no matter what is on the agenda.
  • Fabric: We select a just-right, premium blend and finish for every style we sell.

L&M is a small, women-owned clothing brand. When you buy from L&M, you are supporting a family business and supporting the careers of working mothers.

 We're in this together. L&M donates a percentage of their proceeds monthly to local and national non-profits.

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